West Coast Crew Go Barefoot


The Barefoot project is a worldwide initiative run by A former professional sportsman-turned-actor, Danny Ligairi-Badham. Danny explains, “As a former professional sportsman in a number of sports, we as athletes need the correct equipment and clothing to achieve our full potential: but what if your correct clothing was a pair of patent, slip on shoes that your daughter would wear to school, some leggings with holes in, an odd pair of sports shorts?
With Dannys love for sports, along with the West Coast Crew’s love of the game, we have decided to run this initiative in South Africa in Jan 2019 in a build up to the Cape Town 10s. We will run drives to collect as many pairs of sports shoes, and sporting equipment and then venture to areas in need. We will run coaching clinics and distribute the sporting good we have collected. Danny has travelled to Kenya in 2018 where his Barefoot project was an absolute success and made a difference in many lives. Over 2000 pairs of boots and running shoes, as well as 120 balls were donated to Kenyan and fijian children.


  1. To run coaching clinics to introduce kids to sport
  2. Help by providing sporting equipment to the less fortunate
  3. We would like to bridge the gap and afford the youth the best opportunity to excel at sports they love. By us providing sporting goods, these kids may have an opportunity to perform better.
  4. We will also be running an initiative to send 2 schoolboys to Bahrain or Luxembourg where they will be schooled at the international school. They will play for a local club where Danny is the coach, and they will learn life long lessons about other cultures

What we need?

  • We are asking anyone, and everyone, corporates and individuals to assist us in collecting new or “useable” second hand sporting equipment to assist us in our project.
  • Please feel free to contact us using should you require any information on how to get involved

Who and When (28, 29, 30, 31 Jan 2019)

  1. Schools
  2. Clubs
  3. Rural areas

In closing

The west Coast Crew are really excited about the opportunity to work with Danny and give back to the game they love in they country they love. We arent asking for a lot in terms of Capital. We are merely asking for assistance to make this project possible.

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